An NFT Art Collection By Artist Ed Massey

The Animal Series is the first NFT art collection by artist Ed Massey. Each piece in the Animal Series collection showcases unique animal-themed artwork from the artist that invites the audience to not only own the artwork but to also connect with our animal friends.

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LA Based Artist

Ed Massey Joins

The Minter’s Collective
Massey will partner with the Collective to democratize and monetize his art by leveraging the power of the growing NFT marketplace

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (October 13, 2021) —The Minter’s Collective, an artist collective that helps artists develop their business and expand into NFT and cryptocurrency markets, today announces that it has added artist and activist artist Ed Massey to its featured artist platform. Massey is a prolific and multi-talented artist whose work transcends genres and geographic boundaries. Through his partnership with The Minters Collective,Massey aims to utilize the platform to make his work accessible and increase awareness of social issues reflected in his art while monetizing his work for future projects by leveraging the collective's NFT expertise.

Massey’s career in the creative arts spans 30 years and numerous genres. He is recognized worldwide for his art activism, including as being a voice for the homeless in the US.

As an undergraduate, Massey was the lead fashion designer for Team USA and Quintana Roo, notable brands carried in high end department stores. While at UCLA as a sociology major, Massey developed an interest in sculpture and honed his skills in the medium. He was recognized as the only non-fine arts major and finalist for UCLA's juried fine art competition. This experience was pivotal in his career and solidified his decision to further pursue sculpting while also refining his artistic vision—exploring the intersections of art and social relevance.

Massey went on to earn his MFA from Columbia University, with an emphasis on public art. While enrolled at Columbia, Massey was commissioned to create a 20-foot sculpture for a building in Washington DC, entitled Corporate Ladder. The piece stirred up great controversy and served as Massey’s first real foray into the space of public art and public perception.

Later, Massey would go on to write his first children’s picture book, Milton, which is a story of imagination and creativity. After being invited to share his book with pediatric patients, Massey created Portraits of Hope, a non-profit program serving individuals facing socioeconomic, medical, or physical challenges. Portraits of Hope provides opportunities for the general public to participate in its large-scale public art and civic projects to increase awareness of social issues while revitalizing and visually transforming public spaces.

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Ed Massey

Artist Support

The Minters Collective

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"Polychrome," Ed Massey mural; Samy's Camera, Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, California

"The Soaring Dreams Airship" featuring Massey's design shown flying over The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Ed Massey design for the Carson Animal Shelter; Carson, California

How can I buy Harley’s and join the Harley Society?

You can buy the NFT by first reserving your spot then monitoring your email, this website and Discord for updates

How many Harley Society NFT are available?

The number of NFTs in the collection will be announced at a later date and will be determined by collection demand.

How do I get access to the pre-sale?

You access the pre-sale by purchasing a Minters Pass at

When is the art reveal?

The art reveal is planned for November 2021

What rights do I get as a Harley holder?

The purchasing of the NFT does not come with any rights

Will rarities matter?

The pieces will come with different rarity values for the various traits

What is an NFTs?

An NFT a Non Fungible Token. To put it simply it is a digital item that is unique similar to how each piece of art, song or piece of land is unique.

How do I get a Metamask wallet?

You can get a Metamask wallet by visiting

How do I buy Ethereum?

You can buy Ethereum at various cryptocurrency exchanges including Coinbase and Gemini